The Road is Long

So, like a Cuban máquina on route to market, over the endless spring of 2015 I have lurched back and forth across a greening Stockholm. Through that endeavour my brothers and sisters I have come to rest in a well equipped, modestly proportioned, workshop. Three weeks lie in wait, during which time I will immerse myself in the pursuit of perfection.

As a result, by neither design nor good management but for the people, the opportunity to imagine, sculpt and shape three pieces of mighty alder presents. There would of course be no revolution, nor any art, if not for change and so there will be alterations and iterations driven by the voices of the many. You however - my finest and most beloved of readers - will have to wait for details of this design, for:

Che Guevara

"The road is long and full of difficulties. At times we wander from the path and must turn back; at other times we go too fast and separate ourselves from the mass; on occasions we go too slow and feel the hot breath of those treading on our heals. In our zeal as revolutionists we try to move ahead as fast as possible, clearing the way, but knowing we must draw our sustenance from the mass, and that it can advance more rapidly only if we inspire it by our example." (Man and Socialism in Cuba (1965) - Che Guevara)




The Pursuit of Perfection

Etymologically speaking we are reminded of the Latin scholars; 


    Wood - of, or pertaining to, wood;

    Work - a task, or tasks, to be undertaken (usually, although not exclusively, under duress)

The pursuit of perfection

The pursuit of perfection

We are therefore out of context. It is, after all, amazing how - when working wood - it becomes neither something one actively wants to do, nor something one dislikes doing.

Instead it morphs the 'worker' into something of a trance, the experience of which renders time immaterial and supersedes all thought in the pursuit of perfection. In this state we see true absorption, a becalming more akin to sleep than to the usual day-to-day existence. 

Knowing this you may be tempted to ask; "Why do anything else?" And so I cannot help but smile, and nod, and return to my work.


It Starts With A Click

Well it has begun, that at least we can say for sure. A click here, a click there and ... Wow! We have a website my mother is amazed by. Of course it's not my mother I'm trying to reach. Lovely though she is she can't play guitar and, approaching 70, she has no interest in turning it up to 11.

So to the launch, soft naturally, and one that passes almost without a gasp other than from me and a few choice friends. We still have a long way to go but my first build comes ever closer to completion, and I search ever more keenly for premisses in which to fashion finely honed guitars.

So come on in, enjoy looking around and, should the mood take you, feel free to get in touch. I have the ideas, the skill and the materials to build you a design classic, and the guitar of your dreams.