Etymologically speaking we are reminded of the Latin scholars; 


    Wood - of, or pertaining to, wood;

    Work - a task, or tasks, to be undertaken (usually, although not exclusively, under duress)

The pursuit of perfection

The pursuit of perfection

We are therefore out of context. It is, after all, amazing how - when working wood - it becomes neither something one actively wants to do, nor something one dislikes doing.

Instead it morphs the 'worker' into something of a trance, the experience of which renders time immaterial and supersedes all thought in the pursuit of perfection. In this state we see true absorption, a becalming more akin to sleep than to the usual day-to-day existence. 

Knowing this you may be tempted to ask; "Why do anything else?" And so I cannot help but smile, and nod, and return to my work.