We're a friendly bunch here at Rascal, and we love to keep in touch. In fact once you've placed your order we'll keep you updated with pictures and videos of your Rascal as it is shaped and moulded by us.

We wouldn't dream of pestering you with unwanted information, but will be parts of your build we think you'd love to see. We're also big fans of Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram / youtube / Flickr, we can even send you stuff by email ... you choose.

As you'd expect to keep you bang up to date we'll need to collect and keep your twitter name / Instagram handle / other contact details ... But! What we will never do is pass this information on to any third parties, or use it in a way that we would consider to be spam.

To get this right when you order your Rascal we'll ask you how much contact you'd like; 'Hot Off The Press', 'Important Moments', 'Just Keep Me Posted'. Obviously if you think we're contacting you too frequently just let us know and we'll slow down.

For now kick back and enjoy the ride. You thought you knew guitars ... now you own a Rascal.