The Desire to Create

It's tomorrow's world; easy now to shoot, capture, create. So why not? Rascal feels the pull, the urge to succumb, the desire to make, relate, reshape. To realise ideas, to make real, to generate. For all the world and all its people, in all our folly and all our glory, the question is; why wait?

Rascal Guitars is right at the beginning of its life, an idea recently conceived and still in the making. In the absence of full guitar production capacity this website is a collection of the creative emerging from the Rascal mind. Giving you, for good or for ill, a flavour of what's to come. So please explore, deplore, and/or, enjoy.

Which ever way you swing it's good to have you.


The Desire to Conserve

Our lives resonate with the vignettes of beauty that surround us, from that tousled wake beside the person you love, to the stretch of sky that cradles the evening sun.

When it comes to guitars beauty is revealed in myriad forms and yet the world's 'most beautiful' share a darkness that erodes their allure:

  • Ebony - Many species either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered
  • Rosewood - Many species listed by the IUCN as vulnerable or endangered
  • Mahogany - Many species listed by the IUCN as vulnerable or endangered

IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of Nature

We crave them because they're classic, we buy them because we can.

But beauty doesn't have to erode the natural world. 'Sustainable' can be beautiful and at Rascal we've done our research. From sustainable bodies to sustainable necks, from responsibly sourced straps to ecological accessories. We're here not just for you but for the planet as well.

Rascal Gutars - Maximising Your Output - Minimising Your Footprint